Activity Statement


My name is Pătraşcu D. Manolache, 1st category church painter, qualified "very well", born on 18 march 1949 in com. Vulturu - Vrancea, I graduated high school in com. Vulturu jud. Vrancea, and college in 1967. Military stage 1968-1969. On 1970 I started a collaboration with the painter Iosif Keber. In 1973 I entered the monumental painting site of patriarchy under the counselling of Iosif Keber painter. Together with Keber I worked at Sf. Elefterie Nou Bucuresti church, Valea Lunga church from Militari, Radauti catherdral, Urleta jud. Prahova chrch, Boroaia jud. Suceava church. I painted together with Iosif Keber the Jerusalem Romanian church and the illustrated version of . The Gospel from the Saint Table of the Romanian Patriarchy. Together we painted 15 iconostasis from different churches..

In 1975-1976 I made the painting stage near the Grigore Popescu painter. In 1976-1977 I was authorized as a painter by the Romanian Patriarchy.

In 1977-1979 I painted the Budesti-Cotesti jud. Vrancea church – 600 m^2.

In 1979-1980 I painted in collaboration with Iosif Keber the Ghidigeni jud. Galati church.

In 1981-1983 Bogza jud. Vrancea – church in fresco approx. 1000 m^2.

In 1984-1986 st. Gheorghe-nordic Focsani church, fresco approx. 800 m^2.

In 1986-winter, I restored and finished the painting of com. Vulturu jud. Vrancea church.

In 1987-1988 Valea Larga jud. Mures church– fresco approx 2000 m^2.

In 1988-1989 st. Ilie Toplita Monastery church– fresco approx. 600 m^2.

In 1989-1990-1991 the churches from: Craiesti jud. Mures, Ramniceni jud. Vrancea.

In 1992-1996 in the winter and summer I painted the churches from Rastoaca jud. Vrancea, Hangulesti jud. Vrancea, and Cucova jud. Bacau Monastery church.

In 1997-1998 I woken in Greece - Tesalonic and Athena, in collaboratio with Greek painters I painted the st. Mc. Melania and st. Ier. Nicolae Of Atena churches.

In 1998 the iconostasis of 4 Serbian churches and the Serbian church from Sanicolau Mare jud. Timis.

In 1999-2003 Timisoara-Cetate church, approx. 2200 m^2, fresco, restoration of Jimbolia church, completed with new painting of 2000 m^2.

In 2003-2004 I painted the iconostasis from Martirilor church from Timisoara and Memorialul Revolutiei from Timisoara.

In 2005-2009 I painted Mihai Viteazul church from Sibiu. 4300 m^2 fresco, Floresti Monastery church, 1200 m^2 and I restored the Main Cathedral from Sibiu together with a restoration team. In the same time I painted the canonization icons for st. Ier. Pahomie de la Gledin and st. Martiri Nasaudeni.

In 2010 I painted the tower of Pucioasa jud. Dambovita church and I painted over 50 icons for different churches..

From 1987 to 2010 I realised a number of 12 iconostasis:

Iconostasis of Ocna-Mureş jud. Alba church - 60 icoans

  1. Iconostasis of Crăieşti jud. Mureş church
  2. Iconostasis of Râmniceni jud. Vrancea church
  3. Iconostasis of Vulturu jud. Vrancea church
  4. Iconostasis of Măicăneşti jud. Vrancea church
  5. Iconostasis of Răstoaca jud. Vrancea church
  6. Iconostasis of Sf. Ap. Andrei, Galaţi church
  7. Iconostasis of din Sân Andrei jud. Mureş church
  8. Two iconostasis for Martirilor church from Timisoara
  9. Iconostasis of Timisoara - Cetate church

„Murano" tyoe mosaic the following churches:

  1. Maluri jud. Vrancea approx. 10 m^2
  2. Cucova jud. Bacău approx. 15 m^2
  3. Călieni jud. Vrancea approx 3 m^2
  4. Ocna-Mureş jud. Alba approx. 6 m^2
  5. Piata Dacia, Timisoara

I am authorised as facade restored and I own equipment for this.